My Background
I have always loved cooking so began to study at ITHQ (Institut of Tourisme et d’Hotellerie du Quebec), a government agency in Quebec entirely devoted to training and research in the hotel, tourism, and food service industries. I went on to receive my graduate degree in Business at HEC. After having two children with dairy, wheat, soy, and corn allergies (and developing many of my own), it was becoming increasingly difficult to cook meals without dairy or wheat. All of the easy “kid” recipes like mac-n-cheese, pizza, lasagna, grilled cheese, cake, and ice cream were a no-no.

How did it start?
I discovered raw food when a friend invited me over for a raw potluck called: raw luck. I had no idea what to bring so I brought a salsa. It looked ridiculous compared to all the creations that were there. As we are all digging into our food my friend says: “it’s all gluten and dairy free” and that’s when it hit me! Not only was the food delicious and healthy, but my kids could eat everything. I just couldn’t wait to get home and prepare everything that I had tried at the raw luck for them. That night, when I found raw, I fell in love with cooking again. I was excited about the ingredients and the process. It was a bit of adjustment at first with soaking and dehydration, but once I got used to it, the result was incredible.

In the past few years, I started to include more and more raw food to our diet. My kids love raw cereal, snacks, bars, treats, and they crave green smoothies every morning! My raw recipes became more and more popular with dinner guests, my book club, and really anyone who tried them. People were blown away by how delicious and healthy the food could be. It was a natural progression that I would start Zaza Raw. It is my goal to bring healthy raw food recipes to anyone who is interested without the prep and time that many of the meals require.

What is raw

  • This website is intended to give you information about healthy eating. I’m not a nutritionist so what I’ve learned is through my own research and personal experience. I am not a medical doctor and information on this website should not be considered medical advice. If you’re looking for a formal medical diagnosis or prescription, you should seek out an actual doctor (preferably one who is open to both eastern and western medical practices).
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